KAM Training Services along with Lokmat successfully completed the MEGA SUMMER CAMP workshop for 200 students in Aurangabad.

The summer workshop was organised at Lokmat Bhavan - Aurangabad and the activities ranged from communication training, to learning with robotics, art &craft, dance and theatre workshops.

The last day of the event was a grand success. Participants performed and displayed their learnings on the stage. The transformation in the students was so huge and powerful that the parents felt proud after watching their kids performing LIVE on the stage.

Not only that, even the parents were asked to participate in the dance and theatre activities. As it is rightly said ...Age is just a number, parents along with their children performed to the tune of the music and felt very happy!

Sharing some of the feedback from the parents: -

1. " I am very happy to see my kid performing on the stage so confidently. He has never done this before."

2. " The stage fear in my son is totally gone and I am happy to see him making new friends"

3. " This workshop has kept my child away from phone and TV. I am so glad to see my child practicing at home and not wasting his time"

4. " The trainers were really very effective in bringing the change in my kid in 6 days. He was a shy person before however with the workshop now he has become smart and confident"

5. "It was not a regular workshop; it was very experiential and at the same time full of fun. It was an independent learning for my child and at the same time he learnt on how to work in team and how to manage the time"