Happy Valentine's to you, with you, for you!!!

Blessings were showered on KAM and the sun rose to shine his light on us especially when we had three generation on the same platform on 13 Feb 2022, exchanging, showering, and basking in the all-pervasive emotion of LOVE.

We couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling experience when new definitions, new facets and novel thoughts on VALENTINE's DAY surfaced bringing in its train a tsunami of emotions. There was a heady mix of belongingness, efforts, companionship, empathy, pain and longing that silently surrounds us in our very existence, in just BEING.

Amidst a serene environment beautifully handcrafted using the threads of music, singing and dance galore, it was a breath-taking time spent.

The evening left all of us with a deep emotional after taste. Even for a moment, if it ignited love in all, we have found ourselves successful.

We are heartily thankful to the participants who were the reason for us to humbly feel that the one and half hour was a true Valentine hour!