KAM Training Services earlier has emerged as one of the leading corporate training companies in NCR region and all across India. We are a Business and HR Consultancy in Diversity &Inclusion, Employer Branding, Employees Engagement, Training & Development, Contractual Resourcing, Recruitment and Events.

We work on the simple complexity of enabling organizations to strengthen their Culture. We offer a cultural change through informal people development initiatives, with tools of Recognition, Engagement, Monitoring, Inclusiveness, Cultural Intelligence. Our efforts are directed to the keel of the ship – towards an Environment of Involvement. We enable ENVIRONMENT creation for building a CULTURE OF INVOLVEMENT.

Whether it is a company-wide needs assessment, soft skills training, behavioral skills training , technical & functional skills training, future ready skills training, online training, eLearning development, one-on-one coaching or anything in between, KAM Training Services has the knowledge and expertise to deliver the services anywhere in the world.
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Why Us?

  • Business and HR Consultancy
  • Training & Development
  • Employer Branding
  • Engagement
  • Competency Modelling
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Capability Building
  • Contractual Resourcing and Recruitment
  • Corporate Events
  • English and Employability Skills Assessment Solutions
  • Industry experienced and NLP, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, MBTI&DEBONO certified trainers.


  1. Attitude Development
  2. BOT Model
  3. Cultural Enablers
  4. Diversity & Inclusion
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. Event Management
  7. Organizational Development
  8. Design Thinking
  9. Positive Culture
  10. Recruitment & Sourcing
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People Development

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We are committed to creating an environment that empowers employees and individuals to reach their full potential, promoting collaboration and diversity and inclusion through our innovative and powerful training and development solutions.
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  • To be the leading provider of collaborative training and development solutions that empower individuals.
  • To empower workforce and organizations to achieve their full potential and create a diverse and inclusive learning community and culture that fosters creativity, engagement, and excellence.
  • To create opportunities for Tier 2/3 population as much as the metro cities.
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  • Compassion, Magic of 6 Cs-Conversation - Communication - Collaboration - Coaching - Community – Culture.
  • Care, Integrity, Diversity and inclusion, Togetherness.
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  • Hybrid Training Model: Online and In-house Training Programs.
  • Behavioral Skills /IT skills / Functional & Domain Skills / Recruitment and any other competency building and performance-oriented endeavors.
  • With Communication as the nucleus energy, we lead them to conversations which then lead to Collaborative Communication that leads to the culture of involvement.
  • Recruitment solutions for reducing recruitment costs, building effective candidate and talent pipelines, and creating effective sourcing techniques.
  • Stunning corporate event management solutions across a vast range of industry sectors nationwide.