Why Effective Employeeship Training – The Objective?

Employees spend half of their life at workplace, so technically the workplace is their second home. It is important for them to have deep understanding of the place and relationship with it.

This program is the new way of empowerment by bringing all the employees together, on the same page and inspires them to contribute their best for self and organizational growth. This enhances their commitment towards the goals and values.

What is Effective Employeeship

The development of an organization is everybody’s responsibility. There are many books on what it takes to be a good leader…..but very few on what it takes to be an effective employee. Employeeship is about playing for ourselves, our teams and for the organization to win. It is related to emotional intelligence characterized by everyone displaying responsibility, loyalty, initiative, trust and energy

Why it is for you?

Effective Employeeship teaches participants how:

  • To have deeper connection with the organization’s value and mission.
  • To display responsibility, loyalty, collaboration and initiative.
  • To reflect ‘CAN-DO’ attitude and take action.
  • To exhibit leadership skills to generate greater commitment in the workplace culture

Our Approach

Our Effective Employeeship program includes the powerful concepts of NLP and Neuroscience which studies the behavioral patterns of an individual at both the conscious and the unconscious levels. Through the concepts we work on towards “weeding-out” the unproductive behavior and replacing it with conducive and productive habits which will in turn help them build a productive environment around.

In our training programs, we improve your self-command brain muscle by using the operating system called PQ to reach your career goals and strengthen your sage. In our effective employee ship program, we use the design thinking methods and techniques to develop the mindset, not only for facing challenges and problem solving, but also to create something new and thus, become more interactive and collaborative. We also use MVPI (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory) & DiSC -powerful coaching tool to help individuals understand themselves, learn strategies to improve interaction with others and achieve higher workplace satisfaction and results and to improve overall culture and boost employee productivity

Organizational Benefits of Effective Employeeship

  • Higher employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Increased brand equity and more business
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Promote diversity & inclusion
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