KAM Training Services orchestrated a triumph of corporate synergy with a meticulously crafted 4-hour outbound team-building training session. This bespoke event catered to the discerning audience of 125 Middle and Senior Management from EXL Service's Pan India transition team, held at Sarovar Premier in Dehradun. The program seamlessly blended 2 hours of strategic team-building exercises with an additional 2 hours of captivating engagement activities, creating an immersive experience that transcended traditional training norms.

At the helm of this transformative event was the seasoned team-building maestro from KAM Training Services, who deftly conducted an avant-garde APP-based training module. The innovative approach garnered resounding applause, testament to its effectiveness in capturing and sustaining participant interest.

Hosting this dynamic affair were the charismatic Ms. Simii Kochhar, the visionary CEO & Founder, and the stalwart Devashish Paul, Head of Training & Development. The event unfolded as a captivating tapestry of activities, featuring not only intellectually stimulating team-building games but also showcasing the diverse talents of the participants through riveting group performances, including fashion shows, choreography, street plays, and more.

The luminaries present, including Sachin Maini :Vice President - Transition ,Karan Rajora: Vice President - Transition, , Manish Kumar: Vice President - Transitions and Rahul Bhalla : Assistant Vice President – Transitions lent their gravitas to the occasion. Their enthusiastic endorsement underscored the profound impact of the program, lauding its engaging nature and profound developmental value.

Beyond the structured team-building exercises, this event fostered an environment where creativity and individual expression flourished. Participants not only honed their collaborative skills but also revealed in diverse creative pursuits, making this training session an enriching odyssey that transcended the conventional.

In the grand tapestry of corporate events, KAM Training Services has once again woven a narrative of excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the collective consciousness of its audience.