School Training

With soft skills being the need of the hour, KAM Training Services has conducted training programs to help aspiring school students hone their soft skills. Our intent to training school students is also to enlighten these young minds about the importance of soft skills in their professional and personal lives. Man by nature is a social animal. It is right from school that children are taught to interact with one another, from a very young age. If children are not trained to be well mannered at a young age, then it won’t be long before others start avoiding them.

The Need

Soft skills are important for children as it helps them to make friends and form a meaningful relationship with others. It is vital that students have soft skills, because if they do not have soft skills, they would not be able to understand the lessons which are being taught to them and they would not be able to imbibe everything which is being said. In the course of their school life, students are required to give a number of presentations. Right from a young age, students are encouraged to come forward and answer in class and even speak the minds on topical issues. Having soft skills is very important so that the students can express themselves in a proper manner and write answers which are able to impress the examiners who are reading the answer scripts.


  • Improved communication skills
  • Helps them in making new friends
  • Assists them in understanding the lessons being taught
  • Improved marks in their examination
  • Help them to express themselves during examinations
  • Unveil the leadership qualities in students
  • Better handling of freedom after school.


  • Theatrical Approach
  • Story Telling
  • Demonstrations
  • Paired and Guided Practice
  • Interactive
  • Audio and Video

Our School Clients

  • Dev Samaj Modern School , Nehru Nagar
  • Samsara School, Greater Noida
  • Manav Rachna International School , Faridabad
  • Father Agnel School , Noida
  • School Summer Workshop